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UICore is the centralized ordering system for all shared facilities at UIC.

Once you have the mydata account setup, you can use the UICore service to manage the inter/intra facility resources, manage customer information and where customers can place/track orders.

UICore uses mydata account with a valid payment source. Please view Mydata Help for FAQ on mydata.


The homepage shows a list of all facilities which are using UICore. Click on the facility name to see more details. Homepage


User Instructions


UICore uses the same authentication system as of mydata.rrc.uic.edu so your mydata (or OLISS) credentials will work here, you must however also have a current default RRC account number associated with your account (No default RRCAN or a closed default RRCAN will allow you to log in but not to book anything). If you don’t have mydata account, please visit mydata registration page for instructions on creating one. For all other login and technical difficulties, contact rrctech@uic.edu


Reserving an Instrument

Once you’re logged into the system, and selected a Service, you can see which instrument and services you’re authorized to order. If you like to request services and instruments which ‘Requires Approval’,you can contact a member of staff or the facility director. After required training, access can be granted.


Once you click on an instrument you will see the schedule calendar.

Many research groups have multiple RRC account numbers. Even though you have specified a single default account number, users will have access to all of their Account Owners accounts. Please make sure you select the correct one by clicking the dropdown in Payment Source.


Cancel Appointments

Users can cancel reservations, at no charge, if the cancellation is made more than one hour before the start of the reservation. Cancellations made after that time will incur a penalty charge equal to two hours of instrument time (four hours on the JEOL ARM-200CF). Note: Failure to cancel a booking before the end of the session will lead to a penalty charge equal to the booked reservation.

To cancel a reservation go to My Reservations, choose the reservation to Cancel and select Cancel in the Action column. You will be asked to confirm cancellation.


Order Service

From facility homepage, user can also choose to order available services. Like instruments, some services may require pre-ordering approval which will be granted by staff or the facility director. In following case, the user is ordering data analysis service available in EMS.


Once service is added to cart and ordered, you can see the order under pending of My Orders tab.

Manage Payment Source

To view the allowed payment sources users need to navigate to My Payment Sources tab.

Only account owners (previously called 'Primary account holder' in mydata system) and their assigned business administrators can see Transactions and Members options for these payment sources. From the screenshot below, user is getting two accounts listed in payment sources but only one has additional Transactions and Members option suggesting that user is either owner or administrator of that account.


Click on Transactions to can see transnational history of that payment sources/account.


                                                                  Click on Members to view and modify purchasers and administrators for this payment source.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am not able to login to the UICore.

If you are not able to login to UICore than it can be because of two issues:

1) Your email id is not present in UIC phone-book.

If no: Email to ACCC and your supervisor to get your name added in the phone-book.
If Yes: the go to step 2

2) Check if you are able to login to your Mydata account with your mydata credentials.

If no: Please email request to rrctech@uic.edu to reset your password.
If Yes: You should be able to log into the UICore, Please try again with same credentials.

I am not able to book an instrument.

This can happen because of the below 4 reasons:

1) No permission to use the instrument - The facility supervisor decides the permission to use the instrument. Please email your supervisor about the problem

2) Missing Pricing Policy - Every instrument has a pricing policy associated with it, without pricing policy an instrument can not be booked. Please contact the facility director for the adjustments.

3) Price Group Mismatch - Pricing groups are different pricing policies associated with an instrument, if you belong to a different price group which is not applicable for that device you will not be able to book the instrument. Please contact the facility director for adding your pricing group for the instrument.

4) Default RRCAN is deleted - Please check that the payment account you are using to reserve the instrument is active and correct, you will not be able to reserve it if the RRCAN used is deleted or inactive.

Can I book an instrument on behalf of someone

No, Please do not book the instrument time for someone else. Although most parameters (start time, duration and charge) can be edited by core facility staff, User Name cannot. Also you will now be able to book time on the day of the reservation, unlike OLISS. Please record ALL of your instrument usage on the UICore scheduler.

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