RRC-SSC: Using our Point of Sale (POS) system

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Instructions for using our Point of Sale (POS) system:

  1. Make sure the scanner mode is set to 'Sale'.
  2. Press Enter.
  3. Scan a barcode on a shelf by holding the scanner 2 to 3 inches from a barcode and pressing one of the scan buttons on the sides of the scanner. If necessary, move the scanner closer or farther until it beeps. If scanning the barcode does not work, you may enter the barcode number manually and then press Enter.
  4. Enter a quantity.
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Repeat steps 3–5 until you are finished shopping.
  7. Go to the Point of Sale computer workstation.
  8. Place the scanner on the labeled receiver area.
  9. Swipe your UIC i-card in the card scanner on the keyboard.
  10. Click OK when the message dialog box pops up on the monitor.
  11. Select your Principal Investigator’s name on Step 2 of the screen.
  12. Select the RRC Account Number to be charged.
  13. Click Use Selected Account.
  14. Click Confirm.
  15. Press F3 on the scanner.
  16. Double-check your purchase.
  17. Click OK for one copy of your receipt, and Print 2 for two copies.
  18. Show printed receipts and items purchased to store personnel before leaving.
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