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The AMG Evos FL is a fluorescence microscope that uses a LED light source. The system is designed to make capturing images from brightfield, fluorescence and transfection applications easy.

The Evos has the following filters and objectives:

Evos Filters
Filter Excitation Emission
Transmitted Light n/a n/a
Dapi 357nm 477nm
GFP 470nm 525nm
RFP 531nm 593nm
Magnification Numerical Aperture Working Distance Imaging medium
4x PH PLAN 0.13 16.9mm Air
10x FL PLAN 0.30 8.3mm Air
20x FL PLAN 0.45 7.1mm Air
40x FL PLAN 0.65 2.8mm Air
110x PLANAPO 1.3 .11mm Oil

Training on the Evos usually takes about 30 minutes to complete. To schedule training contact Ryan Deaton at 312-355-4338 or rdeaton@uic.edu. You can also view the training video: Evos Training Video.

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