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Our lab has the capability to do targeted metabolomics and non-targeted metabolomics.

For the targeted application, we have four triple quads in our lab, including Thermo TSQ Quantum LC-MS, Agilent 6410 LC-MS and ABI 5500 LC-MS.

For the non-targeted application, we have four accurate mass instruments in our lab: Waters Synapt LC-MS, Shimazdu IT-TOF LC-MS, Thermo LTQ FT-Ultra LC-MS and Thermo LTQ Orbitrap Velos Pro LC-MS.

Please contact one of the staff members to set up an appointment to discuss your research project.


Our lab has four triple quad instruments, from three different vendors, including Agilent 6410 LC-MS, Thermo TSQ Quantum LC-MS and ABI 5500 LC-MS.

If you have a quantitation project please email one of the staff members for more information.

Small Molecule Analysis

Our lab is equipped with an Agilent MSD LC-MS (ESI and APCI ionization modes), Thermo LCQ Deca ion trap LC-MS (ESI and APCI ionization modes) (East campus location) , JEOL GCMate-II GC-MS (EI and CI ionization in GC/MS, EI and CI ionization with Direct Insertion Probe and FAB ionization with Direct Exposure Probe) (East campus location). We also have four accurate mass instruments.

  • We can search the NIST database on our GC-MS to assist in identifying unknowns.
  • Molecular Weight determinations
We can do this as a service
or we can train people to run the instruments themselves.
  • We perform accurate mass analysis on small molecules as a service.

To submit your samples for accurate mass determination, please go to: http://wiki.rrc.uic.edu/wiki/Mass_Spectrometry,_Metabolomics_%26_Proteomics_Facility_%28MMPF%29 and click on 'Download a blank, printable Mass Spectrometry Sample Request Form'

Please contact one of the staff members to discuss any needs not listed above.


Our lab is equipped with a Thermo LTQ Orbitrap Velos Pro, Thermo LTQ-FT-Ultra, ABI Voyager-DE Pro MALDI-TOF, ABI 4700 MALDI ToF-ToF (East campus location) and Agilent 6410 Triple Quadrupole for proteomics applications.

Our lab performs the following list of standard services for proteomics:

- Protein identification from 2D gel spots and 1D gel bands, from simple or complex solution digests.

- Protein MW determination (accurate to ~0.01% of total MW)

- Quantitation using iTRAQ, TMT or SILAC. Please contact us to request a quote or recommended protocols.

- Peptide and intact protein isoelectric fractionation using our Agilent OffGel. We routinely use peptide fractionation for MuDPIT fractionation (charge-based fractionation prior to reverse phase fractionation) for simultaneous identification of thousands of proteins from complex mixtures such as cell lysates. This avoids the need to cut and individually identify hundreds of spots from a 2D gel samples and can provide a lower cost profile of complex samples.

- Targeted Proteomics for biomarker discovery as well as quantitation of selected proteins or peptides in a complex mixture. Please contact us to request a quote or recommended protocols.

- Top-Down Proteomics

To submit samples, please see Request Service tab at http://mmpf.rrc.uic.edu/

We will consult with you about the implementation of proteomic technologies:

- Protein identification - Protein expression analysis by 2D gels - Screening techniques - Identification of posttranslational modifications and phosphorylations


We would appreciate your recognition by including the following in publications that arise from services provided.

“Proteomics and informatic services were provided by the CBC-UIC Research Resources Center Proteomics and Informatics Services Facility which was established by a grant from The Searle Funds at the Chicago Community Trust to the Chicago Biomedical Consortium.”

Please let us know about your publications which our facility helped make possible. Just email a complete reference to proteomics at uic.edu.

Please check our Publications tab (http://mmpf.rrc.uic.edu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=137&Itemid=129) to see over 100 publications that have resulted from work at our facility.

Structural Elucidation

Structural Information on a particular compound can be obtained by performing MS^n.

  • This can be done on our Shimazdu IT-TOF accurate mass instrument.
  • This can also be performed on the Thermo LCQ Deca at low resolution.

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