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UICore - On-line Scheduling and Invoicing System

NOTE From September 15th 2014 OLISS will be replaced by a new combined scheduling and invoicing system, UICore. Existing OLISS users will be able to use their OLISS usernme and password for UICore, however you must have a default RRC Account number in your account - go to mydata.rrc.uic.edu log in and select My Account.

Once trained Users will be given approval to book instrument time on the instruments they are trained on using UICore. For all other users bookings should be made by e-mailing or phoning the appropriate staff member (Linda for JEM-1220 TEM, Olivia for S-3000N VPSEM or JSM-6320F FESEM; Alan for all other instruments.)

Before we can carry out any Service work or Training you must have an RRC User Account either as a Principal Account Holder (PAH) or an Authorized User (AI). This can be set up on line from the RRC website and selecting the Red Account button at the top right of the page. If you are registering for UICore access ONLY please register as an Authorized User (AI). Please use your institution allocated e-mail address when registering to make sure you get the correct billing rate.

Information on how to use UICore can be found by downloading this document.

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