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University President visits EMS-E

The University of Illinois President, Timothy Killeen, paid a visit to EMS-E on Wednesday 9th March 2016 as part of a visit to the Physics Department. While in RRC-E he was shown the JEOL JEM-ARM200CF and some of the results Robert Klie's group (Physics) has acquired using the microscope.


Robert Klie discusses results of work on battery materials carried out using the ARM200CF to President Killeen during his visit to EMS-E


President Killeen was able to see other work by Robert's group on posters which were on display in the entry way to EMS-E.


Group photograph with Robert's students. From left Liang Hong, Xuan Hu, Arijita Mukherjee, President Timothy Killeen, Alan Nicholls (RRC), Patrick Phillips, Robert Klie, David Hofman (Head of Physics), Tadas Paulauskas and Xue Rui stand in front of the JEOL JEM-ARM200CF

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