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New Building Chiller for RRC-E

On March 8th, 2012 we had a major failure of one of the two 50 ton reciprocating compressors on the RRC-E building chiller, which was installed in 1998. This chiller provides cold water for air conditioning in RRC-E and for the electron microscopes and EM specimen preparation lab. After nursing the one remaining chiller through the summer - which proved exactly how over specified the original system was - a new 54 ton chiller, with four scroll compressors, was installed at the end of September 2012.

All electron microscopes were switched off on Monday 24th September along with the building chiller which was prepared for removal On Wednesday 26th September a 75 ton Terrex Truck Crane was used to remove the old chiller and replace it with the new smaller, more energy efficient, chiller. Connecting the new chiller, re-pressurizing the chilled water loop and testing took until Thursday 4th October and the new unit was switched on and left running, on schedule, from 7:30am on Friday 5th October.


The old 100 ton chiller seen shortly before switch off. (24th Sep 2012)


The old chiller being hoisted out using the 75-ton truck crane. (26th Sep 2012)


The old chiller lowered onto a 40' truck with the new chiller waiting to be lifted into place.


The new chiller is carefully lowered into position.


The new chiller in position waiting to be hooked up.


The new chiller hooked up and running, on it's first day in service. (5th Oct 2012)

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