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New CCD Camera for JEOL JEM-3010

The old two camera system on the JEOL JEM-3010, which was installed with the microscope in 1998, was replaced from 12th-15th March 2013. The new camera, a Model 830 Orius SC200, has a 2k x 2k CCD array giving better quality images than possible using the old Model 692 slow scan camera (1k x 1k). The 830 also is capable of operating at TV rate (512 x 512 image) which allows movies of dynamic events to be made using Windows Movie Maker. Unlike the Model 692 the new camera does not have any blanking or a shutter. Any time the camera is in, and the viewing screen up, electrons are hitting the camera. To minimize any damage lower the viewing screen when not collecting images or diffraction patterns.


The old two camera system with the side mounted Model 694 1k x 1k retractable slow scan camera and the vertically mounted Model 622 intensified TV rate camera (8th March 2013)


The two old controllers for the 622 (left) and 694 (right) with the monitor used to display the TV camera output (8th March 2013)


The new Model 830 Orius SC200 CCD camera is a retractable CCD camera capable of working at TV rate and slow scan replacing both of the previous cameras.


The new controller which leaves the 3010 console looking empty!.


The scintillator and CCD chip assembly (top right) and cover.

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