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Access to EMS

The instrumentation within EMS is available to all researchers on a pay-per-use basis. There are three charging bands University of Illinois, Other Academic (other Universities, Hospitals and National Labs) and non-Academic (for-profit companies). Details of the fees can be found here.

In order to access the instruments all users must be registered with the RRC, and have an active RRC Account Number tied to a funding source (credit card, purchase order or, to get the UIC rate, a C-FOAPAL number).

For occasional users we are able to offer full service. Fill in the Service Request Form, send us your specimens with the form and any relevant publications, protocols or information, and we will do the rest! However, if there is a significant number of specimens involved, we strongly suggest the researcher learns how to use the instruments themselves - we provide the training.

For regular users EMS will train you on the instruments you need for your research. Get in contact with the appropriate staff member to schedule training (Olivia Thomson - SEM (Hitachi S-3000N), Figen Seiler - Life Science TEM (JEOL JEM-1220) or Alan Nicholls - Materials Science TEM (JEOL JEM-3010), Surface Science (XPS or Raman). Users that need the high resolution instruments (JEOL JSM-6320F or JEOL JEM-ARM200CF) must have sufficient previous microscopy experience on the Hitachi S-3000N or JEOL JEM-3010 respectively before training on the high resolution instruments. Once trained users, can book instrument time using UICore. For all other users bookings should be made by e-mailing or phoning the appropriate staff member (Figen for JEM-1220 TEM, Olivia for S-3000N VPSEM or JSM-6320F FESEM; Alan for all other instruments.)

EMS Staff have the final say as to whether a specimen can be looked at in EMS instrumentation, and what instrumentation should be used for a specific specimen. It is our responsibility to maintain the instrumentation in a working state for all EMS users. If we believe a specimen to be potentially damaging to the vacuum system or optics we will refuse access or insist the specimen is looked at in a different instrument. Specimens that may be unsuitable include magnetic specimens, wet or water containing specimens and specimens that will evaporate in a vacuum. If you are unsure about the suitability of a specimen please ask!

We ask that Publications which result from research that made use of EMS instruments should include the following acknowledgment:

“This work made use of instruments in the Electron Microscopy Service (Research Resources Center, UIC)”

Setting up an Account

You can set up an RRC account number on our website. This is a two step process. You must first register as either a Primary Account Holder (PAH) (either as Principal Investigator or Business Manager) or an Authorized User (AU). Once you have filled in the information you will receive an e-mail with a link to confirm your registration.

"Thank you for registering with the Research Resources Center (RRC) at University of Illinois at Chicago. In order to complete registration, you must confirm your new account request by clicking:

Click here to confirm and complete registration

If you have any questions, please send email to rrctech@uic.edu.

Sincerely, Research Resources Center


When you click on this link it will take you to a window informing you that you have successfully registered and linking you to mydata.

We strongly recommend that the Primary Account Holder be a full time member of staff and not a student, post doc or temp. Account numbers are not transferable from one PAH to another and also cannot be reused. Principal Investigators will be asked to nominate a Business Manager for their account during the registration process and will need to enter a full mailing address.

Access to My Account also lets you alter your contact information, e-mail preferences, default RRC account number and other personalized account settings. You must have an active default RRC account number set up in order to book instrument time or request services from EMS. Primary Account Users can select a number of other useful options from the Web Service drop down menu including the ANT (Account Number Tool)which is used to set up or edit RRC Account Numbers.

If you are registering for UICore access ONLY please register as an Authorized User (AU). You will need an active RRC account number to register. Authorized Users (AU) must set up an RRC Account and you MUST include a default account number before any training, service work or self use of RRC instrumentation. This can be set up on-line from the RRC website and selecting the Red Account button at the top right of the page. There is a useful Account FAQ page which will answer many questions about RRC Accounts.

If your PAH has multiple account numbers these will appear in a drop down box, and can be selected for charging, when you use UICore. Please make sure you use the correct account number when booking an instrument or service.

Information on how to check and edit your default RRC Account Number can be found by downloading this document.

When an Authorized User has registered with an RRC account number the Principal Account Holder will receive an e-mail from rrctech@uic.edu informing them that someone has registered with their account number.

"Dear Primary Account Holder,

The user below registered using a RRC Account Number that is currently linked to your account:

RRCAN: EM000 Name: name Email: name@text.ext

If the user above is not an authorized user, please let us know by simply replying to this automated e-mail. Otherwise, the new registration will be processed and accepted.

If you have any questions, please send email to rrctech@uic.edu.

Sincerely, Research Resources Center http://www.rrc.uic.edu/"

Account Number Tool (ANT)

Using our Web-based Account Number Tool (ANT), managing your account numbers is very easy and can be done when it's most convenient for you. More information on setting up, and managing accounts is available in our Account FAQ.

To create a new RRC account number: Click New in the site navigation bar (upper right corner of the Web page) your name and e-mail address will appear as the PAH. You can then choose an RRC account number (two letters, four numbers) or select “Generate a random number” for the server to generate one for you. Next you should select a Payment Type. All UIC users should select C-FOAPAL and enter their complete 7 part 37 digit account number (NB If you have only 29 digits pad the number with 000000-000000. Non-UIC users can pay by credit card or purchase order. For credit cards do not type the credit card numbers on the website. You will receive an e-mail after billing with a link to a payment service. For purchase orders, please e-mail copies to Elizabeth Pugh or fax copies to 312-996-0539, making it clear what RRC Account Number the purchase order refers to.

To edit or list your RRC account numbers: Click Edit/List in the site navigation bar (upper right corner of the Web page). You'll be presented with a list of all your existing RRC account numbers along with detailed information including the owner, the user and date of the last change, memo, and reference number.

To delete a RRC account number: please send an e-mail to rrctech@uic.edu with a subject line of Delete AAnnnn (where AAnnnn is the RRC account number to be deleted.)

The mailing address for the accounts section of the RRC is:-

University of Illinois at Chicago
Research Resources Center
E-102 MSB, M/C 937
835 S Wolcott Ave
Chicago, IL 60612
ATTN: Marcus George

How do I ...

More information on setting up, and managing accounts is available in our Account FAQ.

... delete a RRC account number: please send an e-mail to rrctech@uic.edu with a subject line of Delete AAnnnn (where AAnnnn is the RRC account number to be deleted.)

... set up a Business Manager. A Business Manager is an individual designated by the account owner to have the authority to manage his/her RRC Account Numbers and/or the invoices for those RRC Account Numbers. We strongly recommend that the Primary Account Holder be the Principal Investigator who was awarded the grant.

Because many primary account holders prefer to leave the handling of account numbers and invoices to their business managers, project coordinators, assistants and/or other staff, we have a proxy system which allows the designation of one or more Business managers. Each primary account holder can have as many proxies as needed.

Business managers can:

  • Create new RRC account numbers and assign them to a primary account holder
  • Delete/Update existing RRC account numbers
  • View invoices

If you have already registered without a Business Manager or you want to make changes to Business Managers, please e-mail our business office, Marcus George. If your Business Manager is not already registered with us, please have your Business Manager sign up using our online user registration system (http://www.rrc.uic.edu/register) before making your request. Proxies must select the Role: Primary Account Holder and Type: Business Manager during registration.

A sample e-mail template you can use for your requests:

SUBJECT Add/Delete

I would like to add/delete the Business Manager below.

Name of the Business Manager:

E-mail address of the Business Manager:

Name of primary account holder:

E-mail address of the primary account holder:

... add authorized users to my RRC Account Number(s). Simply tell each authorized user which Default RRC Account Number to use and ask them register for a RRC Authorized User account at: http://www.rrc.uic.edu/register. They will have access to all of your accounts through UICore while their default RRC account is active.

... remove users no longer authorized to use my RRC Account Numbers(s). Rather than ask you to maintain a list of authorized users, we opted to use a “deny” list. The deny list simply includes the names of the users who are not allowed to use specific RRC Account Numbers. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that a user will not try to use your RRC Account Number(s) in spite of your requests.

To add or remove a user from the deny list, please contact us at rrctech@uic.edu with the subject line “authorized user deny list”. We will need the name and e-mail address of the user, and the RRC Account Number(s) that are to be added or removed from the deny list.

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