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Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal Microscope

•  Location: MSB, Room E-330 (☎ 6-6441)
•  Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss
•  Model: LSM 710
•  Year: 2011

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•  LSM 710 Detailed User Guide (UIC)
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The Zeiss LSM 710 confocal microscope is a powerful point-scanning system that streamlines many steps of the configuration and acquisition process. While the capabilities of the LSM 710 are similar to those found on the widely-used LSM 510 META, the LSM 710 captures reflected light using a fully adjustable prism instead of an arrangement of preset emission filters. The result is greater control of fluorescent imaging and significantly higher sensitivity.

The LSM 710 is controlled via the ZEN software utility. The current version boasts a number of processing improvements, such as clearer colocalization readouts, built-in FRAP normalization controls, and enhanced spectral unmixing tools. Features available in earlier software versions, including ratiometric imaging, time series recording, and 3D capture/rendering, are also present and upgraded.

One of the most welcome new features of the ZEN software is the "Smart Setup" option, which demystifies many of the configuration steps that are required for older Zeiss instruments. Upon clicking the "Smart Setup" button, users are guided through a color selection process among a reference library that contains hundreds of common fluorophores. After inputing the experiment details, an investigator simply selects from the recommended configurations to optimize image quality and/or capture time.

Also available is the optional Definite Focus module, an infrared light-controlled system that operates independently and automatically to correct deviations from an initial focus setting. The Definite Focus component is housed separately from the microscope scanner, but can be activated through either the touchscreen display or within the ZEN software.

System Components


Excitation Lasers for LSM 710 Confocal Microscope
Laser Unit Wavelength Maximum Power Status
Diode 405-30 405 nm 30 mW ok
Argon 458, 488, 514 nm 25 mW ok
DPSS 561-10 561 nm 20 mW ok
HeNe 633 nm 5 mW ok


Objectives on LSM 710 Confocal Microscope
Magnification Model Name Immersion Type NA Working Distance
10x A-Plan dry 0.25 4.5 mm
25x Plan-Neofluar oil, glycerine, water 0.80 0.21 mm
40x C-Apochromat water 1.20 0.29 mm
63x C-Apochromat water 1.20 0.24 mm
63x alpha Plan-Apochromat oil 1.46 0.24 mm

Additional Accessories


The PeCon Heating Insert P (see image, first right) and the PeCon Tempcontrol 37-2 Digital electrical unit (second right) provide a conductive heat source for the incubation of live cell dishes. The insert is intended to be used in a temperature range of 25° - 40°C, and is easily mounted on the LSM 710 microscope stage. The system is also portable and can be set up with any other Zeiss microscope stage in the facility (upon request).

Startup Procedure

1. Remove the protective cover from the LSM 710 confocal microscope.

2. Switch the power of the main switch to the ON position. Similarly, power on the two SYSTEMS/PC and COMPONENTS subswitches. The computer and all microscope components should begin their automated startup process.


3. If fluorescence will be viewed using the microscope eyepieces, turn on the metal halide lamp by pressing the power switch.


4. If imaging green/yellow signals with laser excitation, power up the Lasos argon laser by pressing the black power switch. (Two red lights marked POWER and INTERLOCK should be visible; if only a single red light is on, turn off the black power switch, wait 10 seconds, and turn on again.) Next, turn the key to the right (clockwise) to activate the cooling fan.


5. After 5 minutes, set the argon laser intensity to 50% of its total by flipping the silver switch on the controller to the RUN position. A green light labeled POWER STABILIZED should be visible. Next, dial up the current (with the black knob) until the red light marked HIGH POWER MODE appears. Dial the black knob back again until this warning light cuts out; this is the 50% point.


6. Log on the computer using the username and password that was created during microscope training.


7. Double-click the ZEN software icon, position the specimen on the stage, and begin imaging.

Shutdown Procedure

1. When finished with imaging, save all files, exit the ZEN program, and shut down the computer.

2. If on, dial down the current of the argon laser and flip the silver switch down to the IDLE position.


3. Turn the key on the Lasos power controller to the left (counterclockwise) and wait 2-3 minutes for the cooling fan to stop. Once quiet, push the black power switch to OFF.


4. If it was in use, turn off the fluorescence illuminator by pressing the power switch.


5. Double-check that the computer is completely off. Press the two SYSTEMS/PC and COMPONENTS subswitches to the OFF positions. Next, turn off the main switch to disconnect idle power to all units.


6. Carefully place the protective cover over the LSM 710 confocal microscope. When leaving, be sure to collect all belongings and check that the door is locked.

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