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Olympus BX51 Fluorescence Microscope

•  Location: MSB, Room E-334 (☎ 6-0003)
•  Manufacturer: Olympus
•  Model: BX51
•  Year: 2012

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•  BX51 System Manual (Olympus)



The Olympus BX51 is a basic fluorescence and bright field microscope that is suited for general applications. The base is equipped with 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x, and 100x objectives, as well as a set of 3 manual sliding fluorescence filters (DAPI, FITC, rhodamine).

The base also features two built-in neutral density filters (ND6, ND25) and a daylight balancing filter (LBD) to adjust the intensity and color temperature of transmitted light. A preset intensity switch can be programmed and toggled, which permits reproducible lighting for photomicrography. Episcopic illumination is provided by an X-Cite 120Q metal halide lamp, a quiet and stable source of fluorescence excitation.

Overall, the upright microscope is easy and intuitive to use. Imaging is performed with an Olympus DP71 CCD camera - a 12.5 megapixel, 12-bit color camera capable of recording at 15 frames per second. The corresponding acquisition software (DP Controller, DP Manager) and its various light-balancing tools can be mastered within minutes.

System Components


Objectives on BX51 Fluorescence Microscope
Magnification Model Name Immersion Type NA Working Distance
4x UPlanFL N dry 0.13 17 mm
10x UPlanFL N dry 0.30 10 mm
20x Plan N dry 0.40 1.2 mm
40x UPlanFL N dry 0.75 0.51 mm
60x UPlanFL N dry 0.90 0.20 mm
100x UPlanFL N oil 1.30 0.20 mm

Startup Procedure

1. Remove the protective cover from the BX51 microscope.

2. If fluorescence will be used, turn on the metal halide lamp by pressing the power switch.


3. Turn on the microscope by toggling the black power switch on the right side of the base.


4. Press the power button on the computer and log on to Windows XP when prompted. (Note: A username and password can be created upon request)


5. Load DPController program (via the desktop icon) to initiate the microscope camera.


6. Position the specimen on the stage and begin imaging.

Shutdown Procedure

1. When finished with all imaging, exit the DPController acquisition software and shut down the computer.

2. If it was in use, turn off the fluorescence illuminator by pressing the power switch.


3. Turn off the microscope base by pressing the black power switch.


4. Carefully place the protective cover over the BX51 microscope and collect all belongings.

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