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CGF personnel, from left: Sergey Kalinin, Zarema Arbieva, Carina Emery, and Nina Los.


Zarema Arbieva, Ph.D., Core Director

  • Phone: 312-355-1608
  • Email: zarbieva@uic.edu

Zarema Arbieva graduated from Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia) with a MS in Biochemistry and a PhD in Virology. After coming to the USA she joined Carol Wetsbrook’s lab at the University of Chicago and started building expertise in genomics research starting with her initial work mapping and cloning tumor suppressor genes in breast, colon, and prostate malignancies. Subsequently, the lab moved to UIC and served as a base for forming what is currently the UIC Core Genomics Facility, which she has headed since 1998.

Zarema has a broad background in biochemistry, molecular biology, virology, and bioinformatics. She carried out many studies on molecular profiling of complex human disease including hematological cancers, breast cancer, melanoma, wound healing abnormalities, and periodontal disease. As a co-investigator on several university- and NIH-funded grants, she performed the groundwork in these studies with a special interest in advanced data annotation, construction of gene regulatory networks, and statistical analysis of transcriptional, sequencing and genotyping data.

Nina Los, Research Technologist


  • Phone: 312-413-4626
  • Email: nlos2@uic.edu

Nina Los graduated from UIC with a BA in anthropology and a minor in biology. Her research interests include paleopathology, tool use-wear analysis, and forensic biology. She has been working at the CGF since 2012. While experienced on all the technology platforms in the lab, Nina will be your go-to person for targeted genotyping or methylation experiments on the Sequenom MassArray System.

Sergey Kalinin, M.D., Visiting Assistant Director


  • Phone: 312-413-4626
  • Email: sergey@uic.edu

Sergey Kalinin received his MD from Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University. He joined UIC in 2000 and has been part of the Research Resources Center (RRC) since 2010 and is also an Assistant Professor in the Anesthesiology Department where he investigates neuropharmacology. Throughout his career he has worked in a variety of fields including neuroscience, immunology, and cancer and has co-authored 18 publications. He has the skills and experience to assist researches in designing and executing projects of any difficulty.

Carina Emery, M.S., Research Technologist


  • Phone: 312-413-4626
  • Email: cemery3@uic.edu

Carina Emery received a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and zoology from the University of Florida and a master’s degree in the life sciences from Northwestern University. She has over five years of experience conducting biomedical research with a focus in human molecular genetics and neurological disorders and has been working at CGF since 2013. Carina is very friendly and knowledgeable about microarray technology and can answer your questions about your next expression profiling experiment.

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