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  • This software offers an intuitive user interface and built-in workflows for data analysis for a variety of genomic applications including next generation sequencing, microarray, and qPCR. Partek Pathway integrates with Partek Genomics Suite to allow you to interactively browse the KEGG database, then apply advanced statistical models for accurate results.
  • MetaCore is an integrated knowledge database and software suite for pathway analysis of experimental data and gene lists. The scope of data types includes microarray and sequence-based gene expression, SNPs and CGH arrays, proteomics, metabolomics, and screening data. MetaCoreā„¢ is based on a manually curated database of protein-protein, protein-DNA and protein compound interactions, as well as metabolic and signaling pathways for human, mouse and rat, and is supported by proprietary ontologies and controlled vocabulary. The analytical package includes easy to use, intuitive tools for data visualization and mapping biological networks and interactomes.
We charge $100 for training on the MetaCore software and $30/hour for unassisted use.

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