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We have many methods of extracting nucleic acids, and will be happy to work with you to identify the best approach for your samples. For automated extraction, we have the Promega Maxwell 16 automated extraction robot. The automated extractions are fast and available for almost any type of samples. We will be happy to train you to use this instrument and the kits can be purchased in the RRC Supply Center. Please schedule time on the Maxwell instrument through the online scheduler [ https://schedule.rrc.uic.edu/dnas]. For high-throughput extraction (e.g. 96-well plates) of genomic DNA from tissue, we also offer Agencourt DNAdvance method. For more information on various extraction methods and to identify the best protocol for your samples, please contact Vaiva Liakaite at vaiva@uic.edu/312-413-9290 or Dr. Stefan Green at greenDNA@uic.edu/312-996-7509.


Maxwell instrument usage is billed $10.00 per hour (1-16 extractions per hr). Kit costs vary from RNA to DNA and sample type they can be found at the RRC Supply Center.

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