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Policy on Research Resources Center (RRC) Oversight of Non-RRC Equipment

Utilization of this policy will benefit the department in offsetting a portion of the costs associated with use of the equipment, such as service contracts.

  1. Equipment will remain inventoried to the home department.
  2. Supplies, maintenance and support costs for the equipment will remain the responsibility of the home department.
  3. Equipment identical to RRC equipment will be used to handle overflow at RRC facilities. For example, departmental equipment will be used to meet excess need or for location-specific demand (i.e., equipment and investigator are both located on one side of campus).
  4. Access to equipment will be either on a collaborative basis with the current equipment “owner”/supervisor, or via RRC-trained personnel.
  5. Users must have an RRC Account Number.
  6. Rates for equipment usage must be equivalent for equipment that has similar features and is inventoried to the RRC. Both assisted and unassisted rates will be set, as appropriate. The RRC must be involved in the rate setting process.
  7. The home department is responsible for providing a monthly report of recharges according to the RRC’s standard procedure.
  8. The RRC will return 90% of revenue collected to the home department on a quarterly basis.
  9. The RRC will process billing according to its standard procedures.
    1. For University of Illinois investigators (all campuses), billing will be processed monthly through the Banner feeder system.
    2. For non-UIC clients, invoices will be processed through the RRC’s and the University General Accounts Receivable (GAR) system
      1. An additional charge of 10% of the invoice amount or $25, whichever is less, will be deducted from the revenue return to the home department to offset additional costs associated with University rules, regulations, and procedures for processing invoices through the GAR system.
      2. The RRC will assume responsibility for the follow-up of unpaid invoices.
      3. Bad debt expense (annual adjustment made by University Accounting and charged to the RRC) for unpaid invoices will be recharged to the home department.
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