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Additional Services Available Through TPS

IVIS Spectrum in vivo optical imaging

The Xenogen IVIS® Spectrum from Caliper Life Sciences is an advanced optical imaging system for non-invasive longitudinal monitoring of disease progression, cell trafficking and gene expression patterns in live mice, relying on quantitative detection of light emitted from bioluminescent and fluorescent reporters. The Spectrum can be used in oncology research to follow disease progression, to detect metastasis, and to monitor responses to therapeutic treatments. Other areas of research include: infectious disease, inflammation, metabolic disease, neurology, gene therapy, stem cell biology, cardiovascular disease, immunology, and drug metabolism. Ex vivo imaging of tissues and organs is also possible, as is analysis of light emission from cells in culture. For more detailed information, please visit the IVIS Instrument page or the Caliper Life Sciences Optical Imaging web site. Caliper Life Sciences is now a part of Perkin Elmer.

SPOT Culture kits

Prepare cultures of rodent hippocampal or cortical neurons using SPOT Culture Kits. Each kit contains a cryopreserved neuronal preparation that can be used to establish 25-30 cultures, each grown on an approximately 4 mm spot in the center of a 35 mm plastic dish. The SPOT cultures are suitable for a number of downstream applications. Save time, save money! For more information and to place orders visit the SPOT Culture page.

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