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A RRC Account Number (RRCAN) is a short alias/nickname linked to a real account or reference number for a funding source. Possible funding sources include purchase orders, credit cards, checks and/or a University of Illinois C-FOAPAL number.

A few things to know about RRCANs:

  • The “owner” of a RRCAN is a Primary Account Holder. The primary account holder's name will appear on all invoices/vouchers posted to that RRCAN.
  • A RRCAN is linked to only one primary account holder.
  • A RRCAN is linked to only a single funding source, but multiple RRCAN can refer to the same funding source.
  • A RRCAN must be provided at the time that services are requested.

Once in a while we get asked the question “What is the valid format for a RRCAN?” The answer is that all new RRCAN consist of two letters and four numbers.

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