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For the most recent news, please visit our homepage at http://www.rrc.uic.edu/

Our newly upgraded Thermo LTQ-FT Ultra is more sensitive, has improved ECD capabilities and came with upgraded software including ProSight PC 2.0, ProMass, and Sieve for quantitative proteomics. This update was funded by an NCRR shared instrument grant awarded to the proteomics facility. Users can obtain a copy of the updated XCalibur 2.0.7 software by contacting the PISF at proteomics@uic.edu. Please visit our Proteomics instrument scheduler to reserve time on the LTQ-FT.

UIC News: Unique electron microscope helps researchers take a sharper look

UIC News: Profile of Eric Schmidt, Director of our Scientific Instrument Shop - Profile: whatever researchers need, Eric Schmidt can build

UIC News: Profile of Luke Hanley, a respected researcher and member of our Executive Advisory Panel - Using ingenuity to get grants, improve technology

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