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Environment & Recycling


  • Catalog Choice - Free service for managing catalogs and reducing junk mail.
  • fueleconomy.gov - Look up fuel economy information about a vehicle, fuel saving tips, etc.
  • Ecofont - Free font for reducing ink and toner consumption by 20% or more.
  • GreenPrint - Software tools for reducing paper, ink and toner consumption.



Batteries & Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Wikipedia: Compact Fluorescent Lamp


  • Apple - Free and low cost recycling for iPods, cell phones and any brand of computer and monitor.
  • Dell - Free computer and monitor recycling.
  • Reconnect- Free residential computer equipment recycling. A partnership between Dell and Goodwill.
  • Best Buy - Recycle all kinds of electronics.
  • Cell For Cash - Free recycling (and maybe some money) for old cell phones.
  • YouRenew.com - Cash for your used electronics.
  • eCycle Cell Phones - The EPA's (Environmental Protection Agency) cell phone recycling page.
  • UIC eWaste Recycling


Helping Others

Information Security & Privacy

Avoiding Data Theft


  • FireGPG - Cool Firefox extension for using GnuPG to encrypt e-mails in GMail or other web pages.
  • TrueCrypt - Free open-source encryption software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Online Security Tools

  • https://browsercheck.qualys.com/ - BrowserCheck identifies known security issues in your web browser.
  • https://issl.recurity.com/ - Test your iOS device (e.g. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) for a serious security issue. If you can view the webpage without a security warning from your web browser, your device is vulnerable.



Safety Recalls

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