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The policies below apply to all RRC Scientific Computing Support (SCS) services including, but not limited to, the RRC's web-based applications (e.g. MyData Server, ANT, DELIVER, OLISS). Other RRC services/facilities may have individual policies for the computers located in their respective facilities.

From time to time we review our policies and will update them as needed. Please refer to this page for the most recent information.



User Accounts

In general, users do not have access to other users' accounts. We do allow the sharing of facility folders for results obtained from data acquisition and/or data analysis with permission from the owner of the folder. We reserve the right to access user accounts to the extent necessary for routine maintenance, backup and investigation of abuses of our account policies. Access is limited to only authorized RRC staff.


User provided passwords are always encrypted before being written to our user database. Please note that this means we are unable to tell you what your password is in the event of a lost password.

Contact Information

We ask for e-mail and other contact information to be used to the extent necessary for providing user requested services. We will not share contact information with non-RRC staff unless required to do so by law.

Web Browser Cookies & Usage Logs

We use temporary web browser cookies to provide a better interactive experience for our web applications. As a convenience for our users, some of our web applications offer the option of remembering your login name. We will never save your password in a web browser cookie or use one as a substitute for a password.

Our servers generate access and web traffic logs that are used for auditing and statistical reports. For statistical reports, no personally identifiable information is included and the results are only shared in aggregate form.

Additional Notes

As a unit of the University of Illinois, we must also abide by its Web Privacy Notice guidelines.

User Account Policy

One User Account Per Person, Per Organization

In other words, please do not register more than once for each organization that you work for. It makes it difficult for us to provide assistance when a user has multiple accounts under different login names for the same organization.

Account Sharing

You may not use/share another user’s account. There are no per-user charges for user accounts, so we ask that you register for your own personal account.

Idle Accounts

If your account has been idle for more than one year, you may be sent an automated e-mail reminder. You will be asked to log in and verify your account information so that we know that your account is still active. Idle accounts are automatically disabled 30 days after a reminder.

Per UIC Networking and Computing Policies, we also automatically disable accounts after the grace period ends for individuals who leave UIC.

Additional Notes

Accounts are also governed by the Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC) computer policies:

“Individual campus units and departments that provide access to the UIC Network are responsible for ensuring that use is limited to legitimate users and is consistent with University policies and with contractual obligations governing the software or services offered on UIC Network.” — Excerpt from UIC Networking and Computing Policies (1999-10-4)

Software Policy


Access to RRC software applications (including, but not limited to, desktop and web applications) is granted on a per-user, as-needed basis. Unless otherwise noted, RRC software applications do not include the right to make copies of the software.

As an authorized user, once you are no longer affiliated with a primary account holder (e.g. Principal Investigator, business manager, lab manager, etc.), you may not use any of our software applications to request paid services or continue to use software applications that are available on a subscription/fee basis.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering of RRC created applications is not permitted without authorization.

Terms of Service

By registering with the RRC, you agree to the terms listed above as a condition of your use of the RRC's computing services.

Scientific Computing Services & Support (SCSS) provides solutions to research problems and scientific endeavors that require advanced computing tools. Our staff has experience with a variety of computing architectures, commercial/open-source software and programming languages.

Facility Homepage: http://www.rrc.uic.edu/scs

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