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Our lab has the capability to do targeted metabolomics and non-targeted metabolomics.

For the targeted application, we have four triple quads in our lab, including a Thermo TSQ Quantum, two Agilent 6410's and an ABI 5500.

For the non-targeted application, we have four accurate mass instruments in our lab, including a Waters Syanpt, Shimazdu IT-TOF, Thermo LTQ FT-Ultra and Thermo LTQ Orbi Trap Velos.

We now offer metabolomics services:

MRM Profile

We support metabolomic feature detection and profiling using multi-sample differential analysis. A combination of accurate mass LC/MS and GC/MS and informatics can be used to screen and compare large numbers of sample extracts to determine how many compounds are present in any sample and how many vary significantly between samples from different biological states. Recent work performed at our facility includes quantitating modified nucleotides.

Measurement of 5-hydroxymethyl cytosine levels by HPLC-MS/MS
Pronier, et al., Blood, July 6, 2011, PMID: 21734233 Figure S1-A

The Mass spectrometry, Metabolomics and Proteomics Facility has over fifteen different mass spectrometers with different capabilities. We have specialized software from each vendor allowing us to detect and identify large numbers of small molecule and protein-derived ions. We use tools such as Mass Profiler Professional (MPP), SIEVE, Mascot and SEQUEST, Metlin, Metabolite ID and various open source tools.

MPP Principal Component Analysis

Please e-mail us to discuss your project and to request a quote.

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