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Our lab has four triple quad instruments, from three different vendors, including Agilent 6410, Thermo TSQ Quantum and ABI 5500.

If you have a quantitation project please email one of the staff members for more information.

Small Molecule Analysis

Our lab is equipped with:

  • Agilent MSD that is equipped with ESI and APCI ionization modes, which can determine the nominal mass of a compound or can be used in Selective Ion Monitoring Mode (SIM) for quantification of complex samples.
  • Thermo Deca ion trap, with an ESI ionization mode, that has MS^n capabilities for structural elucidation.
  • JEOL GC-Mate, equipped with EI, CI and FAB ionization modes. Operated in EI and CI mode, the GC-Mate can do both GC and Direct Insertion Probe.
  • Shimazdu IT-TOF that is equipped with ESI and APCI ionization mode. The ion trap has MS^n capabilities with accurate mass of the fragments for structural elucidation.
  • Waters Synapt equipped with ESI and APCI ionization modes. The ion mobility feature allows separation of isomers.

Users have the option of being trained on the instrumentation or providing samples to our facility to analyze.

To submit your samples for low resolution, GC-MS, LC-MS and accurate mass determination, please go to: Download a blank, printable Mass Spectrometry Sample Request Form

Structural Elucidation

Structural Information on a particular compound can be obtained my performing MS^n. This can be done on our Shimazdu IT-TOF instrument.

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