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Spectra Viewers

•  Interactive Fluorescence Dye and Filter Database
A compilation of common fluorescent molecules and their excitation/emission profiles. Virtual experiments can be optimized by selecting the dyes of interest, adding the available illumination source (e.g. - Argon Laser 488 nm or HBO 103), and relating the excitation or emission efficiency curves (from Zeiss)


•  Fluorescence SpectraViewer
A listing of the fluorescent molecules manufactured by Molecular Probes, this tool permits compatability checking and the printing of screenshots (from Life Technologies, requires Java)

•  Spectral Traces for Fluorescent Dyes in Confocal/Epifluorescence Microscopy
An interactive spectral viewer that includes common blue, green, red, and far-red dyes and several laser sources (from University of Arizona, requires Flash)

Objective Search

•  Zeiss Objective Assistant
An index of all past and current Zeiss microscope objectives and their specifications (from Zeiss)

•  Olympus Objective Lenses
A small directory of recent Olympus microscope objective lenses (from Olympus)


•  Nikon Objective Selector
A sortable guide of commercially-available Nikon microscope objectives (from Nikon)

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