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Volocity 3D Image Analysis Suite


•  Visualize and measure high-resolution volume renderings of fluorescent image stacks
•  Perform deconvolution processing on widefield fluorescent images
•  Version 4.7 available on dedicated workstation in the CMF or by limited remote access
•  See more details at the company product site

MetaMorph Premier Image Analysis Software


•  One of the most feature-rich analysis packages available for fluorescent microscopy
•  Contains comprehensive tools for thresholding, filtering, and performing all manner of morphometry analyses
•  On offline version of the software is available on a single PC workstation in the facility
•  For a complete list of available modules, visit the MetaMorph Premier info page

Zeiss LSM Image Browser


•  Free small standalone software for opening Zeiss .lsm files
•  Permits basic adjustments to prepare and export images for publication
•  Available for Windows operating systems only
•  A copy of the software can be found on the Zeiss product page.

Zeiss ZEN Lite


•  More extensive option for opening and altering Zeiss microscopy files
•  Manage, measure, and export images with an interface matched to the ZEN software
•  Available for Windows operating systems only
•  Proceed to the software homepage for more information and a free download link (requires installation)



•  An open source, fully-customizable, NIH-developed image processing program
•  Reads all major file formats (some may require additional plugins)
•  Available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
•  Visit the ImageJ site for a full description, download link, and list of all plugins

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