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The Center for Cardiovascular Research Physiology Core facility exists to facilitate the cardiovascular research needs of its users and Principal Investigators. To ensure that all users are served fairly and to keep the facility’s operations running smoothly, the following policies have been emplaced:

From time to time we review our policies and will update them as needed. Please refer to this page for the most recent information.



Request for Services Form

For initial requests requiring either equipment or assistance from the CCVRPC and its staff (i.e., all unassisted services, surgery, PV hemodynamics, core-assisted echocardiography or electrocardiography and training or data analysis), the PI must fill out, sign and return a Service Request form. Subsequent requests for assisted services regarding the same project and Animal Use Protocol number can be made by contacting Bob Gaffin at 312-996-8748 or bgaffin@uic.edu. For unassisted services, the PI is responsible for ensuring that an active, approved animal use protocol is in place in order to continue using the CCVRPC's equipment.

Reservations, Cancellations & Billing Procedure

RESERVATIONS For unassisted use of the Vevo 2100, Vevo 770 ultrasound (VisualSonics) and ECGenie (Mouse Specifics) instruments, use the online scheduler to schedule an appointment.

For all core-assisted work (including surgeries), please contact Bob Gaffin to schedule an appointment.

CANCELLATIONS To cancel a reservation for unassisted use of an instrument, the user can do so via the online scheduler at no cost or penalty up to 12 hours before the start of the reservation. Within the 12 hour window, please contact Bob Gaffin in writing (bgaffin@uic.edu) BEFORE the reservation starts and the user's account will only be charged for one hour of unassisted use. After the appointment starts, a cancellation cannot be made and the user will be charged for the entire reservation.

To cancel a core-assisted appointment, the user must notify Bob Gaffin in writing (bgaffin@uic.edu) at least 12 hours in advance of their echo reservation/surgery appointment. If this requirement is met, there is no cost or penalty. Within 12 hours of the original reservation, a $100 penalty will be charged to the user’s RRC account.

BILLING PROCEDURE The CCVRPC understands that it often difficult to predict how long it will take to obtain data from live animals. Thus, if an unassisted experiment finishes early, the user will only be charged at a 50% rate for the time remaining on the reservation. For late starts, the user will be billed according to the reservation's start time. For sessions that extend beyond the reservation's time slot, the user will be charged at the normal rate. However, to be fair to all users, please do not extend your session into another user’s reserved time slot. By having these user policies in place, it is hoped that all instruments will be accessible to users in a fair and standardized manner.

Core-assisted services are charged per animal and thus are not affected by the billing procedure policy.


All new users who have limited or no familiarity with either the ultrasound or ECGenie machine will be required to undergo core-directed training for that instrument before it can be operated independently. Training by non-core personnel is not authorized. Users must provide their own animals for training and the animals must be for training purposes only, NOT for obtaining experimental data. Once the user has demonstrated adequate knowledge of the machine’s use and care plus the ability to obtain quality data and analyze it (as determined by CCVRPC personnel), the user is free to conduct self-directed studies on that instrument.

NOTES: Training sessions can be customized to accommodate the research needs of the user. Training is NOT available for all surgeries and PV hemodynamics.


The CCVRPC requests that the use of the facility’s services and/or equipment be acknowledged in any published papers. The following text provides an example of such an acknowledgement: Portions of this work were carried out in the Center for Cardiovascular Research Physiology Core facility via the Research Resources Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In addition, co-authorship of papers may be appropriate when a CCVRPC staff member provides a significant contribution to the manuscript.

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