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Our latest addition: The Juno System from Fluidigm

Juno combines thermal cycling and Integrated Fluidic Circuit (IFC) control to enable hands-free genotyping from low sample amounts - only 6.9 ng of DNA is needed! With the Juno 96.96 Genotyping IFC you can analyze 96 SNPs in 96 samples to get 9,216 data points in just under three hours. The Juno system can also load all gene expression and digital PCR IFCs, which makes it the most versatile IFC controller Fluidigm has to offer.

If you are interested in using Fluidigm's Juno, C1, or BioMark systems, contact us for more information.



2015 Promotional Prices for Array Based Transcriptional Profiling

All prices include processing charges and cost of reagents and array. Promotional prices are good while supplies last.

  • HTA 2.0 Arrays - $270/sample

Go beyond gene-level expression profiling with Affymetrix's next generation GeneChip® Human Transcriptome Array 2.0. With approximately ten probes per exon and four probes per exon-exon splice junction, the HTA 2.0 Array provides the increased coverage required to accurately detect all transcript isoforms produced by a gene. The unparalleled coverage of this array provides the deepest insight into all coding and non-coding transcripts available, with data quality equal to two full lanes of next-generation sequencing.

  • Human Gene 2.0 ST Arrays – $200/sample

Since the design of the Human Gene 1.0 ST Array, a massive number of new long intergenic non-coding RNA (lincRNA) transcripts have been identified by the research community. In order to provide the research community with a tool that can measure the differential expression of this exciting class of RNA transcripts, Affymetrix designed the Human Gene 2.0 ST Array. While both the Human Gene 1.0 and 2.0 ST Arrays detect over 30,000 coding transcripts, only the 2.0 Array detects over 11,000 lincRNA transcripts.

  • Human Gene 1.0 ST Arrays – $150/sample

The GeneChip® Gene 1.0 ST Array is a cost-effective option for whole-genome, gene-level expression profiling. Multiple probes on different exons over the whole transcript are summarized into a single expression value that represents all transcripts from the same gene, providing investigators with an accurate picture of overall gene expression.

  • miRNA 2.0 Arrays - $150/sample

Profile small non-coding RNA (miRNA, snoRNA, and scaRNA) in well over a hundred organisms with Affymetrix GeneChip® miRNA Arrays. The miRNA 2.0 Array provides 100% coverage of mature miRNA sequences in version 15 of miRBase.

Contact Us

Lab Phone............................................312-413-4626

We are located in the Medical Sciences Building at 835 South Wolcott, Room A301-A302. We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Users can drop off samples for processing anytime between 9:30 and 4:30 pm or mail samples to the following address:

University of Illinois
835 S Wolcott Ave.
A302 CMWT MC 937
Chicago, IL 60612
ATTN: Zarema Arbieva/Room A302
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