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(Many of our account holders are principal investigators, but we also have a significant number of business managers, project coordinators, and other customers so we use the term primary account holders to represent the collective group.)

Because many primary account holders prefer to leave the handling of account numbers and invoices to their business managers, project coordinators, assistants and/or other staff, we have a proxy system which allows the designation of one or more Business managers. Each primary account holder can have as many proxies as needed.

Business managers can:

  • Create new RRC account numbers and assign them to a primary account holder
  • Delete/Update existing RRC account numbers
  • View invoices

To make Business manager changes, please e-mail our business manager, Marcus George. If your Business manager is not already registered with us, please have your Business manager sign up using our online user registration system ( before making your request. Proxies must select the user type Primary Account Holder during registration.

A sample e-mail template you can use for your requests:

I would like to add/delete the Business manager below.

Name of the Business manager:

E-mail address of the Business manager:

Name of primary account holder:

E-mail address of the primary account holder:

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