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What is ...

... my login/username?

For most of our users, it is an e-mail address.

E-mail addresses make good usernames because they are generally easy to remember and are guaranteed to be unique even outside of UIC. More than likely, if you are registered with, Yahoo, CNN and/or any number of other online services, you are already using your e-mail address as your username.

... the difference between a Primary Account Holder and an Authorized User?

For account management purposes we separate account holders into two groups: Primary Account Holders and Authorized Users.

Primary Account Holder (PAH) — Responsible for managing account numbers and has access to the invoices for those account numbers. A PAH can be a Principal Investigator (PI), Departmental Business Manger, Project Coordinator, or other staff.

Authorized User (AU) — Someone that the PAH has authorized to charge services to one or more account numbers.

Both primary account holders and authorized users have access to all services managed by the RRC and basic online account management tools.

... a Business Manager?

A Business Manager is an individual designated by the account owner to have the authority to manage his/her RRC Account Numbers and/or the invoices for those RRC Account Numbers.

... a Default RRC Account Number?

A default RRC Account Number is a personal account preference setting that pre-selects a specific RRCAN to save time when using our online ordering and service request tools. It is also used by our self-service password reset tool as part of the verification process.

When choosing a default RRC Account Number, any valid RRCAN may be used. If at a later date a chosen RRCAN is deleted, it may still be used with our password reset tool, but not for online orders or service requests.

How do I ...

... reset my RRC password?

For fastest service, please use our online password reset. Your password for both MyData Server and OLISS will be updated.

... reset my temporary password so I can finish registering for my user account?

User accounts are not created until the confirmation step is completed. You can start over at any time by visiting our user registration page.

... update my e-mail address, contact information, default RRC Account Number and other account settings?

Log on to our My Account tool.

... Create a RRC User Account and a RRCAN?

To Create a RRC user account and a RRCAN, follow the below instructions:

Step 1:Open the link: and click on the Register link in the page. The picture below gives you the outline of the page.


Step 2: Fill out the PI’s contact information – Select Primary Account Holder for Role, and Principal Investigator for Type. Enter all the necessary information in the form, and click on Submit.The below picture gives a view about the registration page.



Step 3: The PI's email address entered will receive an email confirmation once the submit link is clicked. The email address will be found in the box below.


Step 4: Click the link provided in the confirmation email. The picture below gives a sample confirmation email.


Step 5: The above step routes the user to a new page. click the link "" in that page. The below picture gives you an outline of the page.


Step 6: Select "Account Number Tool" from Web Services pull down menu then sign-in to newly created RRC account.


Step 7: To Create a new RRCAN to Order/Schedule in the Research Resource Center, please click "New" in upper right tab, as shown below.


Step 8: Create a unique RRCAN account number then select payment type from pull down options and finally enter credit card or PO information . The below picture gives a detail about the creation.

* Note: You may enter "awaiting PO number" at this step if you do not yet have a PO number from your institution. It can be edited at a later date.


Step 9: After creating your new RRCAN, For purchase orders, please FAX copies to 312-996-0539(Attn: RRC Admin Team).

*Contact RRC Admin( with questions.

  • Information to pay with your credit will be included with your invoice.

Step 10: You now have an RRC account number to use when ordering services from any of the core facilities in the Research Resources Center.

In this example, the account number MR2015 is associated with the PI Maureen Regan who is using a PO to pay for the bills charged to this account.


1.Our cores can begin work on your samples immediately even while you wait for your institution to set up a PO .When you are opening an RRC account, you can type in "awaiting PO number" as the PO number/payment type and you will be allowed to receive an RRC account number.
2.You can always return to this Account Number Tool and create more RRC accounts to be associated with different credit cards, POs, or UICs grant FOPAL numbers (UIC investigators only).

... Delete my RRC Account Numbers?

For deleting accounts, send an email to

... view/print my monthly invoices?

As RRC is going through central billing system transition period, some charges are reported by new 'UICore' and others by different systems. To track a charge or find invoices, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Identify the charge
Read the charge description and identify if charge description mentions the word UI# in it.

Step 2: Navigating to different systems
If Yes, then charge details can be found at RRC Report System, Business managers and PIs have already been granted access to this reporting system based on their MYDATA credentials (Mydata credentials are same as UICore and DELIVER credentials). User can download these reports containing order details in excel or PDF for review/print.
If No, then invoices numbers should look like RR, DNA, RS, Chem etc. those invoices will be still found in Department Electronic Voucher Retrieval (DELIVER) system.

RRC Report System

The users can access the report system to pull up facility data, instrument usage, charges and depending upon the user role the reports can be accessed at RRC Report System. Now apart from Supply center and chemistry lab all the charges can be seen from the report system whereas the supply center and chemistry charges can still be viewed from banner system. There are total of five tabs in the report system in which four of them can be accessed by the RRC Staff/Core Directors and Business Managers will get to see one tab from which they can view the order details.

Below are the tabs which can be accessed by an RRC Staff and Core Directors:


Whereas the Business Manager has the authorization to see one tab:

RRC Monthly Charges

RRC Staff & Core Directors

1. When RRC Staff people and Core Directors will enter into the report system their home screen will look like below:


2. When above members hover on a particular tab they can see the drop down as shown below:


3. When a user click on a drop down list, below page will appear in which you can select the facility, particular instrument and a time period for which you want to fetch the data.
Note: For the users who are using Firefox or IE browsers there will be a date picker from which you can easily select the date and if you are chrome user you need to enter the dates manually with the format mm/dd/yyyy


4. Below is the example for an extraction of reports in which you can simply enter the details and fetch the report.


5. For saving the file in different formats you can simply click on the Save which will download your report.


Business Manager

1. When Business Manager will enter into the report system their home screen will look like below:


2. The only tab they will see is RRC Monthly Charges which has single drop down called Order Detail as shown below:


3. After clicking on RRC Monthly Charges, there is an important parameter called PI Email , if a user is able to see the PI Emails then it can easily select the corresponding RRCAN, start and end date and pull up the report.
Note: If a business manager is not able to see any email under PI Email then there is something wrong with their Roles in the system and they can contact RRCAdmin for more information.


4. Below is the example for Monthly Charges Reports in which various details are mentioned:
Order ID - It is created when a order is placed for an Item in UICore
RRCAN - Payment Source
Type - It will tell how the payment is done via PO, C-FOPAL, etc.
Product Name - It's the instrument name for which the order has been placed.


5. When the report is pulled from the system, a user can easily save it by clicking on Save. For this report the preferred format is excel.


Step 3: Missing invoices and access
If you are not able to find non UICore invoices in Deliver System, Please email the invoices number to If you need access to any of these systems, please email request to

... add authorized users to my RRC Account Number(s)?

Simply tell each authorized user which RRC Account Number to use and ask them register for a RRC user account at:

... remove users no longer authorized to use my RRC Account Numbers?

Rather than ask you to maintain a list of authorized users, we opted to use a “deny” list. The deny list simply includes the names of the users who are not allowed to use specific RRC Account Numbers. Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that a user will not try to use your RRC Account Number(s) in spite of your requests.

To add or remove a user from the deny list, please contact us at with the subject line “authorized user deny list”. We will need the name, e-mail address, and the RRC Account Number(s) that are to be added or removed.

... create a DNA sequencing account?

To make it easier for you to manage your account, we do not keep separate user account systems for each service facility. With the exception of our CBC/RRC Proteomics and Informatics Services Facility and Scientific Supply Center, account information is maintained in a central databas maintained in the RRC.

If you have access to ANT, DELIVER, OLISS, or any of our other web-based applications, then you may already have access to the online tools for our DNA Sequencing facility. To download your results, you just need to have a DNS folder added to your account.

Can ...

... I just use my friend's or co-worker's account?

No, please don't.

From time to time we may need to notify users of changes to their account and/or to RRC services. Sending updates via e-mail is convenient and less likely to get lost in a stack of paper (plus it saves a lot of trees :o). Unless you also have access to your friend's e-mail account, you won't see our e-mails.

Our user account policy page has more detailed information.

... I change the name of my friend/co-worker's account to my name instead of registering for an account?

No, please don't.

The reason is that it can cause problems when a name changes from one person to a different person. Over time, there are many records (invoices, payments, etc.) that refer to the original user and those references will no longer be correct which can cause confusion for both our staff and yourself.

If you will be managing the account numbers for another user, feel free to use of our Business Manager system. You can currently manage up to 999 account numbers from a single login. The 999 account numbers can be all yours, proxies to 999 principal investigators (each with one RRC Account Number), or a mix.

... I open more than one account?

It really depends on if you are referring to account numbers or user accounts.

For account numbers, if you are a primary account holder, you can create as many RRC Account Numbers as needed.

For user accounts, we generally allow only one user account per person, per organization. One exception is if you work for more than one organization and need to maintain completely separate account information.

... I use a P-Card to pay for services?

Per University policy, we can only accept P-Cards from non-University of Illinois at Chicago employees. If you are employed at UIC, you must use a C-FOAPAL account.

... Business managers create RRC Account numbers and assign it to themselves?

Yes, and just like other primary account holders, their name will appear on invoices, service request forms and other output whenever one of their RRC Account Numbers is used.

Other common questions

I forgot my username/password. Can I register again using a different e-mail address?

In most cases, please do not register more than once using different e-mail addresses.

Because we are unable to memorize every user's e-mail address, our file server uses users' names as folder names. If you register more than once under different e-mail addresses, it is very likely that your data (e.g. sequencing / flow cytometry results) will be placed into the wrong user folder. It will cause delays and you will not receive your results as quickly as expected.

Use our online password reset or contact us at E-mail requests are handled manually so please allow at least 1 business day for processing. For much faster service, we recommend using our online tools whenever possible.

I am now working for a different PI.

When requesting service, simply provide a RRC Account Number registered to your current PI.

You do not need to re-register or fill out any forms, however, we do recommend that you use our My Account tool to update your default RRC Account Number and contact information.

I was an authorized user, but now I would like to fund my own account.

Since you are already registered, please contact us at; with the subject line “Switch to Primary Account Holder”.

Once we receive your request, we will enable access to our online account number tools for your account and also e-mail you some information to help you get started as a new primary account holder.

I am the business, lab and/or project manager and would like to manage the account numbers for a PI.

  1. If you have not already registered, please do so at:
  2. Submit a request to be made a Business Manager of the PI. See our Business manager page for more details:

How soon after I register will my account be available for use?

Web-based applications (except OLISS) are accessible immediately after you complete the registration process.

Account number changes are on a different update schedule because of the special requirements of our billing system and our Scientific Supply Center.

For our Scientific Supply Center, account numbers are automatically uploaded to the Scientific Supply Center’s POS (Point-of-Sale) server once per hour. Each update occurs during a 15-minute processing window every 45 minutes starting at 7:45 A.M. and ending at 5:00 P.M., Monday thru Friday. For example, if an account number is added, deleted, and/or updated at 9:20 A.M., it will be reflected in the Scientific Supply Center's POS system by 10:00 A.M.; if a change is made between 9:45 A.M. and 10:00 A.M., then the updated account number will not be available to the POS system until 11:00 A.M. (the next update cycle).

For our other service facilities, account information has to be manually imported into our billing system. The import process generally occurs around 11:30 A.M. each business day whenever there are changes to the account numbers from the previous day.

I already registered with the Scientific Supply Center's Point-Of-Sale system.

Unfortunately, for historical and technical reasons, registering with our Scientific Supply Center's Point-Of-Sale system does not also create a RRC user account. Our Point-Of-Sale and central accounts systems run mostly independently of each other and only share limited primary account holder and RRC Account Number information.

If you would like to register for a RRC user account, the best place to begin is on our RRC Account Overview page where you'll find more information and links to all of our online account tools.

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